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Our Ready-to-Wear, entirely assembled and sewn by hand from start to finish (and for real), borrows to a large extent its tradition, its nobility and its style.The shoes are produced in a very limited series on a small number of models.

Ready-to-Wear is a great introduction for demanding, elegant men, educated in Fine Shoes or simply curious. impetus that will gradually lead you to Made-to-Measure.

For our Made-to-Measure customers, our Ready-to-Wear is a judicious alternative for the most impatient, it is also an opportunity for a memorable gift.

Anxious to develop our business and make your access to the world of hand-made shoes pleasant, we have designed a long-term rental offer which, in a few words, amounts to monthly payments over 12, 24 or 36 months, let guide you through our partner's platform.






Prise de mesure sur clients  pour la réalisation d'une paire de souliers  sur mesure

Come visit us at the workshop or contact us by phone or email. 

 06 52 62 56 25

 11 Rue Anatole de la Forge, 75017 Paris

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