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Découpe délicate à la main d'une paire de souliers



“To create a pair of made-to-measure shoes is to designa single object 

who looks like you. »


Dessin d'une brogue, à coté il y a la forme et un mètre
salon de l'atelier, aussi lieu de réception

It all starts with long discussions and a lot of listening to better understand your desires and your needs. ​


We will watch you move, scrutinize your approach, take the necessary measures. We will also observe all the signals that could give us clues about your aesthetic universe to advise you on a shape, a leather, a color and define together the model that suits you.


At this stage, nothing is impossible!

forme pris en mesure par un mètre

Our shapes are the soul of our shoes

The form is cut, sculpted in a piece of hornbeam wood to extract harmony. We will then integrate the morphological particularities of your foot until we find the ideal fit.


Then comes the aesthetic work of the shape, essentially embodied by the toe: almond-shaped, round, square, faceted... The only limit is the bootmaker's imagination and your desires.

cuir utiliser pour la création de chaussures sur mesure
More than 80 hours of work

Then comes the work of the upper, the upper part of the shoe. It is the search for a subtle balance between comfort, use and aesthetics. 

The complexity lies in the adequacy of the visible skins of the shoe and the qualities of the leather of the lining. 

Knowing well the technical properties of leather and understanding how the skin pulls will ensure, when wearing your shoes, unfolded without constraint.

travaille d'une paire de souliers par guillaume
travail d'une paire de souliers
And to finish...

We then make a model of your shoes (ie a pair of fittings) so that you can, during a second appointment, understand the comfort of the shoe and validate its style.

This fitting will allow you to make the necessary adjustments before moving on to the next steps, which are the cutting of the upper, the stitching, the assembly and the sole assembly.

Finally, we will proceed with the finishes and patinas to enhance your shoes and give them a unique appearance.

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