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Les Beaux Souliers is first and foremost a meeting and a story of friendship between two men, two personalities, two paths linked by one and the same passion: beautiful shoes.

It was on the counter of a cobbler-philosopher friend and with a master shoemaker companion of duty, that Long Liu became fascinated by the gestures, the mastery, the meticulousness of the shoemaker's work, more than ten years ago. .

The dream of building a workshop as it existed several centuries ago and offering as many people as possible the poetry of wearing entirely handmade shoes is slowly coming to fruition.

It becomes reality from the meeting with David Balazic, master bootmaker and companion of the Tour de France who decides to join the adventure. 

After years of research, trials, trial and error and questioning, the boutique workshop Les Beaux Souliers finally sees the light of day. You can have a pair of made-to-measure shoes made there, leave with a ready-to-wear pair entirely made by hand or just have a coffee and change the world!

Portrait  LIU Long, fondateur Les Beaux Souliers
our history


At a time of "made in elsewhere", collections that follow one another, fashions that go out of fashion, production always faster, cheaper and further, Les Beaux Souliers sails against the current and offers high-end shoes entirely handmade with noble materials in the purest secular tradition of shoemaking and bootmaking.
Our ambition is to encourage men to create their own elegance of life by freeing themselves from the diktats of fashion, brands and style.

Chaussures Brogue bordeaux porté par un client

What makes the dandy is theindependence. Add to this form offreedoma dose ofrefinementin the setting, whatever it is. Sprinkle it all with somedistinction witty, you have the modern version of the dandy:an esthete of soul and body


Barbey d'Aurevilly

19th century French writer

Savon de Marseille utiliser lors de l'entretien des beaux souliers


We value the nobility of our materials. Their touch, their beauty and their smell enchant us every day.​

The short circuit seems to us a duty, so we rigorously select our suppliers, from the tanner to the last maker, they are all located in France. ​


The quality of their pitch, the care given to their threads, the roundness of their necks, the quality of their oven-dried hornbeam wood and the passion for their trades make them essential players in our daily lives.

Cuir de qualité qui sert a la réalisations de chaussures à l'atelier

We pay particular attention to the use of leather, which we consider to be a rare and limited material.

Thus, we defend the belief that tanning must respect the environment and that waste can be avoided.


In order to combine beautiful skins and protection of the planet, we work with leathers exclusively from major French tanneries mastering the vegetable tanning method, thus offering leather without residue.


Furthermore, we only use stocks from tanneries. We never launch a new order, our requirement is satisfied with beautiful dormant leathers that we select with care and rigor.


The "Les Beaux Souliers" house team is made up of rare and sought-after talents.

Today, there are around ten sufficiently experienced master shoemakers in the world, capable of making a pair of shoes according to the rules of the art from start to finish, by mastering all the operations. Our foreman, David, is one of them.

the team
Portrait de long Liu assis

Long Liu

The founder


Long has evolved for 20 years in the world of finance. He graduated from Sciences Po Strasbourg and holds an MBA from HEC. He also completed a training course in shoemaking at the Lycée d'Alembert in Paris.

Portrait de David de l'atelier les beaux souliers

David Balazic



David is a companion of the Tour de France and has more than 30 years of experience. He passed through officer's boots and large luxury houses. Nomad at heart, he challenged himself to find his place
as a master bootmaker in Hungary, "the other land of shoes".

portrait de Arthur de l'atelier les beaux souliers

Arthur Kechichian



Arthur started shoemaking at the age of 16 - in his family we are shoemakers from father to son - with a predisposition for quilting, one of the most delicate arts of shoemaking.

He evolved in large custom-made shoe houses.

Portrait de guillaume de l'atelier les beaux souliers

Guillaume Carrey



Guillaume, un young companion of duty, est the last to arrive in the team. He joined us after  several years in the workshop of one of the biggest luxury houses.

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